Sentry 2

5.25" Touch Screen Fan Controller




5.25" Touch Screen Fan Controller

Introducing the Sentry 2, a full system fan controller with an advanced touch screen interface. Sentry 2 easily installs in a 5.25" bay and is compatible with any fan that uses voltage control. The innovative touch screen features ultra fast selection and response time and displays all pertinent info including temperature readout in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Sentry 2 allows users to control up to 5 fans with the option for manually tuning individual fan speeds or letting the automatic controls take over to correspond to a specific temperature. The controller's advanced functionality sounds an alarm to alert the user should the temperature exceed a preset amount and stores saved settings even after it is turned off. Designed to maximize efficiency, the Sentry 2 supports 10W per channel and creates less heat than traditional temperature displays.


Touch screen interface

Five fan control through an intuitive interface

Ultra fast selection and response time

Display temperatures in both F and C

Light switch turns off the meter when sleeping

Automatic and manual modes of control

Full compatibility with all types of fans using voltage control

With a maximum of 10 Watts per channel, the Sentry 2 will support almost all high end fans

Tuned accuracy with only a tolerance of one degree

Sound alarm to alert when the temperature is over

Stored settings, the Sentry keeps your settings even after power off




Tech Spec.

Model Number SEN2-001
Material LCD Screen, Plastic, PCB
Fan Connector 3-Pin
Finish Matte black plastic bezel
Included Accessories 4x M3 Screws
Form Factor Single 5.25"
UPC 895562002117
Connections 1x Molex, 5x Temperature Sensors
Maximum Combined Wattage 50 Watts
Brightness Levels On / Off
Control Modes Manual / Automatic
Fan Channel Quantity 5
Fan Channel Wattage 10 Watts
Temperature Range 0 to 120?
Temperature Range 0 to 120°C
Measurement Frequency 2 Seconds
Temperature Alarm Range 30? to 90?
Minimum Power To Fans 40%
Screen Size 4.63 Inches
Screen Type Capacitive Touch
Fan Control Method Voltage
Warranty 2 Years

Expert Reviews (24)

  • Pure Overclock

    All in all, we are impressed with the Sentry 2, and feel confident that anyone that needs control over their fans should have this on their short list of fan controllers to add to their current or future system builds. more..

  • Big Bruin

    Considering the features and styling, the price makes the Sentry 2 even more appealing. Because of the added value at such a low cost. more..

  • Big Bruin

    Considering the features and styling, the price makes the Sentry 2 even more appealing. Because of the added value at such a low cost. more..

  • Icrontic

    If you didn’t pick up the Sentry LX because it was too clunky, then this is the product for you. If you did pick-up the LX, then your upgrade is ready. I’m pleased award the Sentry 2 our highest recommendation, Icrontic’s Golden Fedora. more..

  • Vortez

    Weighing in all of the aspects of the NZXT Sentry 2, my impression of the Sentry 2 is favourable. It looks great and it works well. Those looking for a fan controller with a sleek and modern look should definitely consider the Sentry 2. At a modest price more..

  • The Best Case Scenario

    The bezel is plastic but is not flimsy what so ever and the screen is viewable at all but the most extreme of angles. Since I have yet to find a single flaw in the Sentry 2 I am giving it a TBCS Recommended rating of 5/5 more..

  • Club Overclocker

    This fan controller is great for a minimalist feel on any case, with the lack of any visible buttons. The ease of installation and setup with automatic and manual fan settings allows for minimum downtime. more..

  • RB Mods

    NZXT's Sentry 2 has a responsive touchscreen and intuitive UI. The feedback based system operates well, and it is easy to use and get the hang of. Overall, the Sentry 2 is a great uni more..

  • Bona Fide Reviews

    I like this product very much and can easily recommend it to any and every one looking for a great fan controller. more..

  • Overclockers HQ

    Over all I found that the NZXT Sentry 2 LCD Touch Screen Fan Controller is a good little unit. So far I have tested three fan controllers each with different features, but for this one to come out of nowhere, let me control five fans and still have the lo more..

  • TweakTown

    Truly this is a nifty fan controller, with everything you would realistically need it to do and no extraneous features to clutter things up. more..

  • Hard H2O

    Aunque el controlador no traiga ningún tipo de instrucciones, el manejo del Sentry 2 se realiza de una manera rápida; al disponer de los indicadores en pantalla, nos haremos con su funcionamiento en unos minutos. more..

  • Xtreme Gaming Clubhouse

    I have reviewed many products in the last year, and I must say that this is a first. I give the Sentry 2 a perfect score in all categories. If you have a hi-performance gaming machine with several case fans, YOU MUST GET THIS PRODUCT! more..

  • Think Computers

    Overall the NZXT Sentry 2 is an improvement to the original Sentry controller. It brings a lot more color and functionality than the original. It's very easy to use and it works just like it's supposed to. more..

  • Tech Gage

    It is very effective in both noise reduction as well as temperature reduction depending on which mode is of the most concern to the user. With a current retail price of $34.99US ( the value per dollar is outstanding. If you want maximum flexib more..


    The Sentry 2 is a neat little product. The idea of using a touch screen was great and the implementation is excellent. Not only is the Sentry 2 bright and easy to read, but control is very responsive and each press on the screen emits an audible beep to c more..

  • Benchmark Reviews

    Functionally speaking the Sentry 2 has been easy to operate and has been absolutely smooth and responsive. more..

  • Hardware Secrets

    Sentry 2, however, is a very useful piece of harware, doing fine the job it was designed to. And better of all, it is very inexpensive, providing a terrific cost/benefit ratio more..

  • Bjorn 3D

    Fan controllers have become just as unique as our computers. NZXT has added some of the best attributes of fan controllers into one simple easy to use unit. The Sentry 2 is easy to use, has a bright & large enough of a display to read our temperatures qui more..

  • NeoSeeker

    Overall, the NZXT Sentry 2 is a great fan controller. Having used the previous model, the Sentry 1, this second iteration is miles ahead in every aspect. It can control and monitor more, and it works and looks better. more..

  • Techware Labs

    Overall, I’d say the NZXT Sentry 2 is definitely a great fan controller. The touch screen interface is very easy to use and requires very little pressure…Like the Sentry LX, I’d like to award the Sentry 2 the TechwareLabs Awesome Hardware Award because it more..

  • BCC Hardware

    Sentry 2 gets the job done and does it very well. It has almost the same feature set and costs about half the price. For $30 you really can't go wrong with this controller. more..

  • OverClockers Intelligence Agency (OCIA)

    The functionality of the NZXT Sentry 2 is undeniable. The touchscreen controls are quick and accurate, and having five temperature probes at your disposal is a handy tool for the overclocker with degrees on his/her mind. more..

  • Test Freaks

    The NZXT Sentry 2 5.25? Touch Screen Fan Controller is one of the nicest fan controllers I’ve had the chance to review. It’s small in size and very easy to install and use. more..

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