FN 120RB

120mm 9 Blade Rifle Bearing Fan






120mm 9 Blade Rifle Bearing Fan 1300 RPM

9 Blade rifle bearing fan
Sleeved Cables
Two years warranty


Size: 120x120x25mm
Connection type: 3pin and 4pin molex
Current: .16A
Input: 1.92W
Speed: 1300 RPM +/-10%
Air flow: 47.27 CFM / 80 m^3/h
Air Pressure: .95 mm H20
Bearing: Rifle Bearing
Noise: 25.35 dBA
Life: 40,000 hours

Tech Spec.

Model Number FN-120RB
Fan Air Flow 47.27 CFM
Fan Air Pressure 0.95 mm-H2O
Fan Bearing Rifle Bearing
Fan Connector 3-Pin
Mounting Holes Distance 105 x 105 mm
Fan Dimensions 120 (W) x 120 (H) x 25 (D) mm
Fan Input Power 1.92 W
Fan Current 0.16 A
Fan Life 40,000 Hours
Included Accessories 3-Pin to 4-Pin Molex Convertor
Fan Noise Level 25.35 dBA
Fan Speed 1300 +/- 10% R.P.M.
Fan Voltage 12 V
Warranty 2 Years

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